The story of Volocopter & Lab1886/Daimler

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A short documentary on the cooperation between Lab 1886 and Volocopter. Find out why Daimler invested in Volocopter and why we are such a good match. From the history of the City of Karlsruhe: 1817 – Karl Drais invented the bicycle. 1885 – Carl Benz invented the automobil. 2016 – the premiere of manned flights with the in Karlsruhe invented Volocopter marks again the beginning of a new era in urban mobility. For the first time humans’ dream of personal flight as a daily routine becomes attainable.As such it not only offers more widespread use in conventional aircraft domains, but brings us another step closer to air taxi services and entire transportation systems in the third dimension. “The flight was totally awesome” pilot Alexander Zosel said right after his landing.
“I got in, we did the pre-checks for what felt like maybe 20 seconds, and after that I’d already got the all-clear for flying. I didn’t wait long, I simply pushed the lever upward and the Volocopter simply sprung upward in a single bound.“