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For flat-out trail speed, none of the other bikes tested in this category can shake a stick at the Trigger. In fact, we’d argue that it was faster than some of the bikes in our cross-country category. It weighed in at a wispy 23.9 pounds, which is lighter than all but two of the bikes tested in this issue—and one of those is a hardtail. 
Plus, the Trigger comes loaded with carbon-fiber bits, which helps explain its $7,700 price tag. So, really, we expected this bike to be fast.

We didn’t expect, however, the Trigger to be so capable or fun. The stiff carbon frame and the newly improved, crazy-light and ultra-stiff Lefty Carbon XLR fork make for a bike that’s not only flickable—with a front end that’s easily lofted for manuals and drops—but also tracks true through off-camber corners and rhythm-less rock gardens.

At the heart of the Trigger 1 is the proprietary Dyad pull-shock produced by Fox Racing Shox. This shock requires a special pump and setup, but once it’s dialed, the suspension feels exceedingly great in both of the travel modes. The bike’s longer 120-millimeter travel mode feels plush and eminently capable of tackling gnarlier terrain than the travel figures suggest, while the Trigger’s shorter 70-millimeter travel mode allows the bike to scoot up hills with astounding efficiency.

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