USA – Bronx, Morti per droga. Indagine

Nel 2016 nel Bronx ci sono state piu’ morti causate dalla droga di qualsiasi altro distretto di New York. E se di vero c’e’ che il Bronx e’ di per se’ una realta’ difficile, dove crimine e droghe sono da sempre – anche nell’immaginario collettivo – parte dello scenario, e’ vero anche che in questo caso a parlare sono i numeri: numeri che, finora, non erano mai stati cosi’ seri, tanto da far parlare di “epidemia”, come l’ha definita il New York Times. Related posts / Posts Simili/Correlati: Ordine Europeo:…

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Jon Bowermaster: Exploring The Maldives

Jon Bowermaster, famed National Geographic explorer and adventurer, has left the confines of Antarctica to explore the warmer climates of The Maldive Islands.  The Maldives comprise of roughly 1,190 islands scattered across 500 miles of pristine ocean.

Jon will be surveying the area that many claim will be the first to sink into the Oceans if the oceans’ water continues to rise.  Jon hints that a new documentary may be in the works for this project later this year.  He will be studying the effects of the rising waters on the environment, as well as the nearly 400,000 people that call these islands home.

Jon first came in touch with The Maldives while reporting on tsunamis last year for the New York Times.  The original plans included making a documentary about the devastation that a tsunami can bring to these island nations.  In recent months interest has shifted to the alarming rate that the water is rising around these islands.  The water is rising so fast, in fact, the President of The Maldives is looking into purchasing land in another country so that his people have a place to go if, indeed, the islands do sink.  That’s a pretty scary thought!

Jon Bowermaster will be giving daily reports and blog posts from The Maldives, giving us some insight into what Jon is seeing and his thoughts on this devastating situation.  You can follow along with Jon at his “Notes From Sea Level“, or at his personal blog:

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